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80’s SoHo for one night only


With a street name like Staunton Street, SoHo you would be forgiven for thinking I am back in London…

The Varga Lounge was the venue for my friends 40th party. Myself and her hubby had almost successfully managed to plan and pull off a surprise 80’s party in the VIP room.

We ladies had surprise Mani/Pedi at The Feel Good Factor in Wyndham St. Getting glammed up in 80’s garb whilst swigging Prosecco and having a good old natter.

Arriving at the venue with a happy birthday girl in tow, we found that the cabling to the sound system in the VIP room had broken… Damn damn what’s an 80’s party without the music…


We were totally blown away by the efforts all the guests had gone to to dress up & surprise Charmian. Her hubby had adorned the walls with some fab 80’s shots of her looking gorgeous, brilliant!

The music issue was fixed (her hubby had to DJ from the main bar downstairs) much to the delight of the usual gay clientele who were squeeling everytime another fab 80’s track was played. My fave a lovely Italian man called Angel who was raving about this DJ the best he had danced to in ages (think Nick should give up the day job…)


We partied hard till the wee hours, ate 80’s snacks (well those I could find in HK) and baffled the locals. Lots of young HK girls asking me where I buy my clothes (not sure they realised I was dressed as a Desperately Seeking Susan/Madonna) think they thought it was my usual Saturday night garb and they loved it!

They were in shock when I told them the pretty cool Boy George DJ worked in banking… and most of the other guests were mums and dads from Discovery Bay!
Not much difference in levels of partying then from our twenties! one to make the young un’s downstairs jealous, one guy even asked me how he could gate crash THAT awesome party upstairs ha ha!

Hope we did Charmian proud, a damn good party with a great group of her friends… Happy memories… Lets do it again sometime soon xx

ps. of course as you all (you guys in UK) know, Ed, 80’s man, as he has always been known didn’t need to dress up just slung on a Duffer jacket that he & Will shared in the 80’s god knows how and why it got shipped to HK – the legend of that jacket lives on in Asia!