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Alien school & shark swimming…


Hello all, thought it was about time I send you an update, I have been told that I am becoming a lazy blogger!

Unfortunately I haven’t been sunning myself on a beach or stuffing may face full of dim sum with the girls, I have been busy setting up my company which launches on the 17th of June (more on that in June once we’ve launched) trying to get my head around business setup in HK and dealing with the red tape that goes with it.  Fun Fun Fun!

We are also moving down to the beach and marina, looking forward to that but a move again! aaaargh!

Plus all the other stuff that goes on, Archie had to go to school today dressed as his fave book character, tried to cajole him into dressing as Stick Man (nice and easy eh!) but no he wanted to be Nogel the furry friendly alien from the book Alien School…

alien school

Alien school

Bit worried about the fact that currently its 31 degrees but the real feel with 100% humidity is 39 degrees, Archie may just wilt…
Sophie as Tinkerbell… easy… although the fairy look is slightly ruined by a big ‘mosquito off’ patch on the hem…

This week I have Ed and Archie birthday.   Party for Ed tonight, no worries his fave roof bar and restaurant should do the trick for him… Archie on the other hand wants a pirate party, complete with dressing up, pirate games, wig wam up and treasure chests full of food, yippee! bring it on…

I have taken to working in the middle of the night, its quiet, cool and UK is awake… otherwise god knows how you get peace to work from home when the kids are around and all their dressing up, party, after school playdates, Taekwondo & football activities needs attention.

Stumbled across a few brilliant things here in Hong Kong, firstly for crafters (and the need to make pirate/alien getup) the existence of Sham Shui Po near Kowloon, every street has a different theme.

bead street

Bead Street

homemade nexcklace

Modelling homemade 80p necklace

There is also a fur street, fashion st. material st. neon light st. lock st. and it goes on…

And at the end of it all, Michelin starred Dim Sum (truly awesome may I add) and for 77HKD for 2 (£7) what’s not to like… had to take the photo in the hope of finding it again, god only knows what the sign says (in need of Google goggles!)

michelin starred dim sum

Award winning Dim Sum Restaurant

The existence of a Covent Garden type area in Central called Star Street.  There is also Moon St.  & Sun St.
Brilliant little eateries and eclectic gift shops and clothes designers has added to my love of everything (well almost everything…)HK

moon street

Tapas on Moon street

moon st

Awesome bars

Moon St.

Bit of French

Ed has taken to swimming around large bits of Hong Kong in shark infested waters to get away from the hullabaloo at home… bit drastic but I am actually thinking of joining him… only joking 😉 as you know I am allergic to physical exercise.

plover cove swimathon

Sunday Plover Cove Swimathon