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A Hong Kong Weekend


So how does the weekend usually begin for the Wawn family…
Currently like this, Sophie wakes up somewhere round 5am, enjoys a little chat with her teddies, then lets off a few unavoidable & demanding screams by about 5.30.

So up we all get, Sophie undoubtedly woken Archie (who can actually sleep in these days without Sophie the screamer around)
It’s still dark. We’ve finished breakfast by 6 and the kids are getting bored by 7.

So this weekend we decided to stop fighting it and just go with the flow…
(Need to get into practice as next week we will all be sharing a room in Thailand – god help us and the people living next door)

We were all in the car by 8.30 and heading to Stanley Village for breakfast.


Brilliant, no bad Hong Kong traffic, no daddy getting lost and frustrated in Kowloon.
And the best big comfy sofa seats in the Savannah Bakery.


There were a few other bleary eyed parents who we shared a mutual appreciation of their early morning get up and go…

The cafe has kids toys littering the floor, lifesaving sugary Breakfast pastries and the much needed coffee.


And of course the brilliant pirate ship across the way…


We then had a scoot into the market, picked up Archie some school wellies (hot and showery season is on its way) noticed a group of American cruise tourists and decided it was time to get out of there and head home… Well we had nearly been up 8hrs!
(Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky on the drive home, Hong Kongers tend to surface by lunchtime Saturday) least said about that the better.

The Waterman kids spent the afternoon with us, stayed over I managed hot dogs for tea, whoopee!
Bathed and all in bed by 7.
Ed and I in bed by 8.30, sod the night out there’s always next weekend.

The next day was Anakin (Archie classmate) Birthday. In Archie’s words the BEST party he has ever been to!

Sports day races, fab food, stunning home and possibly the most hilarious Chinese clown I have ever seen… Not sure I understood a word he said…


Tons of fun was had by all…
Although I am secretly looking forward to next weekend version, where mummy and daddy get a bit tiddly with friends on the Friday night then the whole weekend passes in a kiddy action filled blur… Somehow the early mornings seem less painful that way???