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New Years and that spinning feeling at The Ritz Hong Kong…


The four Wawn’s and friends celebrated in some serious style this year.  Well you get to a certain age and the thought of tramping the streets and fighting for cabs on NY Eve is exhausting.

After a few NY eve with newborn children in tow enjoying parties with friends in London, we thought we would get tarted up &  see what five star HK had to offer.

With the highest bar in the world on the 118th floor with stunning views of Victoria Harbour at Ozone and food to die for on the 108th floor, the Ritz Carlton, Kowloon was the number one choice.


The spinning feeling of the Wawn men suffering from vertigo was short lived, they were too busy being gobsmacked by the view from our squishy velvet sofa dining area.


Once we had eaten our own bodyweight in scrumptious food, washed down with a vat of champagne we headed up to Ozone to join the 2013 Snow party where we stayed till the wee hours.

First Saturday in November…


…not like any I remember

We all congregated at pier 10 in Central next to the star ferry pier and waited for our ‘junk’ to come and pick us up to take 30 of us to the southernmost idyllic island in the South China Sea, Po Toi


I have read many times about the Hong Kong islands and Po Toi seemed the most idyllic.
You can eat the best Calamari in SE Asia in a beach side shack whilst kids are kept entertained beach combing for coral and shells…

The beach shack cafe (with 5 star food!)

This little island didn’t disappoint, was such a glorious day, kids busy on beach foraging under the shacks, adults ate fresh scallops in their shell with ginger and garlic, light crispy calamari, steamed prawns, Singapore noodles, garlic pak choi, steamed Groupa, clams and the usual chicken in cashew nuts and sweet and sour chicken (bit better than that from takeaway on Fri night in UK!)

All washed down with big beers we wobbled back to the boat (well I did anyway!) past the gap toothed old ladies selling starfish to make soup and lollipops!

Junk captain was keen to take us to a different place for swimming off the boat. Water as warm as Med at end of summer we all threw ourselves in (kids and those not keen on sharks also made it in) positioned the beefy men on the outside thought they should get picked off first and had a good splash around

Back on the boat for Prosecco, watermelon and cakes, perfect after salty swimming… Not sure where we were fitting it after such a huge lunch.
For those who weren’t playing with babies a nice snooze up top as the sun went down


The most amazing day was had by all (Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong tower in background we will be spending NY Eve on the roof)

But then the best was yet to come Victoria harbour at night… I LOVE it (sorry know I go on about it ALL the time!)

As soon as we got home (kids so shattered from all that sea air they were asleep the minute they got in taxi ) Ed was online checking out the ferries to Cheung Chau island (pirate caves and tropical beaches) he’s even back on the I need to do the HK engineers course (needed here to sail if you are a skipper) and buy a boat… Well done Po Toi!