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Bitter lemons and all that…


Back home for the summer, back to that lovely refreshing, lemony/jasmine Mediterranean lifestyle, whilst just as hot seems totally laid-back almost horizontal compared to busy busy HK and is a welcome break.

The kids wake up as usual with the sun, the difference here, they head out into the garden to play and soak each other with a hose before the heat of the day sets in… They have finally become little fishes we all have a dip in the pool before eleven, then begins the daily battle to get them to have an afternoon sleep so they can go out ‘in the night’ as Archie calls it.

Ed spends ages pottering in the garden watering everything at sunset with a beer… Not sure how a very small balcony in HK with only an even smaller frangipani and bougainvillea will compare…


The kids are enjoying the old crumbly stuff here, running up castles, poking around in old ruins, whilst we enjoy the odd brandy sour…

Seems weird to be back at the place we got married with two little Wawn’s in tow…


Watching the Independence Day Turkish Red Arrows (looking down to mums house)

And enjoying playtime with grandparents and great granny