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Just chuck it in and hope for the best…


Can anyone tell me how to separate rice noodles without spraying them all over the kitchen!

Chucked the lot in the pan put the lid on and hoped for the best!

Saw one of the funniest things whilst visiting friends in Discovery Bay (or otherwise known as Delivery Bay, basically Crouch End on Sea) at the weekend

Cars aren’t allowed in this expat enclave so golf carts sell for a premium (£180,000! Second hand!) only a few licences are given out… Just when I thought this crazy place where monthly rents can easily be £10k+ couldn’t be anymore extravagant I see über expensive golf carts, some blinged up and some with car seats!
Saying that Disco Bay or DB is a great place with kids and our friends live right on the beach (you can just make out Disneyland in the distance!)

Lots of yummy mummy bars and restaurants, a fast boat from the beach to Central on HK Island so that daddies can get to work in style and some great boob jobs and fab trout pouts…

I wouldn’t mind it… but then I married a teacher 😉