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Pink boobies and a cute bum…


After de camping to the 40+ degree heat of North Cyprus (We were in Nicosia yesterday and I swear rocks were melting!) its nearly time to pack up again and head off on the penultimate flight back to London for 24 hours to connect to our Hong Kong flight.  For our one night in London we thought we better make it a memorable one so we are staying overlooking Big Ben and the London Eye.  We can’t wait to be tourists in London for one last day.

Meanwhile Ed and I have come over all romantic (a yearly occurrence!!) and spent last night (our 6th Wedding Anniversary) back in the mountain village of Bellapais at the Byzantine Abbey where we got married.  We had vodka tonics at sundown then a lovely (if a bit humid) meal inside the Abbey.  It’s weird I can sit there and imagine all our friends & family being with us too, its lovely to be able to go back and conjure up those memories.

So much has happened since then and it seems that our babies aren’t really babies anymore… well especially not Archie!   Whilst lazing at the end of the pool with daddy yesterday idly watching the world go by, a young Russian lady wandered by and they both watched her progress, at which point Archie casually commented  ‘Pink boobies and cute bum!?’ Ed said he nearly drowned in shock… My god if they grow up that fast then I dread the next ten years.  We are still quizzing him now to find out where he heard that from!  Daddy swears it’s not from him, I am not so sure.

God help us when Archie learns a bit of Mandarin at school, the thought of him being let loose in public with a little bit of a language we don’t understand, doesn’t bear thinking about.