Given up trying to read the labels…


Getting all creative, it’s amazing what I can get Archie to eat here so figured we might as well just go for it & give anything and everything a go…

Dinner tonight, Lemongrass stuffed Chinese snapper, wrapped in Thai Banh Trang rice paper stuffed with carrot, pea tops, cucumber with Nuoc Mam Pha San, Fish sauce with chilli garlic & vinegar… Bloody brilliant

Everyone at the school is shedding weight like mad…
Everyone’s talking about it, the heat, stress (for the teachers with their mammoth timetables) and really healthy food that costs nothing to eat in or out is having a dramatic effect on us all!

Fish looks good, think it may be red snapper? Not totally sure! If anyone can confirm… X

Shades of Yew Walk…


Not only have we pretty much brought the same car we had in England…

helps that I don’t have to worry about driving a new car! just have to worry about navigating and pray I don’t ever end up in China…
(btw, I seriously had to talk Ed out of getting an ex Hong Kong red & white taxi… Most men have a mid life crisis and buy a Porsche? He thought it would be a laugh…)

I have also found the Lombok (furniture) equivalent over here and have been sneakily ordering… Strangely it’s the same designs/fonts on website, invoices & delivery van except its owned here by two expats and it’s called Tree?!? They have totally ripped off the British brand (or maybe the other way round?)
I don’t mind, I get to buy the teak Indonesian furniture I love!
We now have a great sofa bed (in Ed’s unused study) to accommodate you lot when you come to visit…

Their van, for those of you who know Lombok, could almost be the same company

Archie eating dim sum and fishfingers for his tea using kids chopsticks… Apart from the fishfingers at times it really feels like a world away from Yew Walk… Archie made us laugh when we were driving the new car back from the Peak to the New Territories, as Ed was getting a bit panicked in Central (our Oxford St.) Archie shouted Chek Oi Daddy! Straight on in Cantonese…


Today I found HK John Lewis


With a Selfridges style food court, so now I am happy… Just for those days when you need something a bit special.

Was so excited I had to photograph the place! So for those of you who are interested…

Please note a block of basic cheddar costs £4.50 (dairy very pricey in HK) so the cheese/deli counter will be for very special occasions only!

For those of you who are coming to visit prepare to fill your suitcase with stinky cheese! X

Custard powder sweet & sour…


The secret is out, I had been wondering what my recipes are missing to make them taste authentically Chinese. Seems Birds custard powder is the answer!

Of all the amazing things to eat here (and there are hundreds of wonderful Asian restaurants for us to try) I seem to be addicted to Sweet & Sour Grouper.
I’ve joined a Food Club and found that a top chef marinades his sweet & sour meat in bright yellow, E number ridden custard powder…

I suppose that’s nothing compared to some of the weird and wonderful things they do to their food here. On Monday I ate custard tarts with bird spit and pineapple Mooncakes with red bean paste & abalone (sea snail) inside. All quite yummy if you don’t actually think or know what you are eating!

Tomorrow I am off to Luk Yu Teahouse for Yum Cha! (literal meaning to drink tea) eat dim sum off a trolley. Will try the weird and unusual and report back!

Archie at his first Hong Kong Birthday Party, think he is relieved that birthday parties exist in HK too!

Brought a car with maid included…


No kidding… We just brought an Audi from an expat living on The Peak who was also looking for a good home for his long-term maid/nanny.
She has been with them for years, she is perfect for us.

Not bad for a mornings work!

His wife also invited me for lunch on Friday, she writes books for kids and is interested in the Asian business venture I am working on (will tell you more later…)

Had lunch in Thai in HK Park on way home, lots of terrapins & jumbo carp in the lake kept Archie happy.

Noisy baby!
On the bus home now, Sophie has found her voice! Locals all snoozing and she shouting at them, very loudly highly embarrassing, such a loud voice for such a little girl! She’s turning into a bit of a rock star baby, gets so much attention/admiration I think it’s going to her head!

It’s hard to miss the UK


The place not the people! If I could move all our favourite people out here with us that would be perfect.

Archie has discovered some new loves, firstly the ‘tramps’ as he calls them (trams) he is constantly on the lookout for them from taxis, top deck of the bus, if only mummy could figure out where you get in and off them then maybe we could go on one!
Making mistakes on public transport is not so much fun with Sophie in tow in her buggy!!

The Hong Kong Island Tramps

He has also spotted many shrines and every time shouts look its someone’s birthday and they have candles…

But my favourite is his love for the hot… Can’t get him to eat inside he likes to go out into the hot…

I have also discovered my own loves… HK Harvey Nics, yipee!!

& downtown (mix of NY & London)


Got our driving licences yesterday, off to buy a car…!!


You can’t do much in HK without ID cards


There are tasks in life that are tedious & frustrating and we somehow managed to do two of the worst on the same day…

HK ID Cards & IKEA

Both involve lengthy confusing queues, signage that doesn’t make sense, bright lights and deafening noise levels, the possibility of a good scrap and general boredom.

We arrived at the immigration offices at 7.45 (an hour before it opened) and queued in a dingy hallway with possibly 200 people, Archie was complaining of boredom 5 minutes in, it was going to be a long wait. As 9am approached an official looking man came out and said, too many people, no way today, come back another day…

Now, I am desperate for a car and you can’t buy a car or get a HK licence without an ID card. My mood blackened, thought I might cry… So to cheer me up Ed suggested a nice breakfast. We were too early & the only place open served Chinese porridge made with egg white, even Archie said its not like mummy’s!?!

As the day didn’t seem to be improving we thought we might aswell do the chores and get our apartment kitted out with basics (Ed has been going up to a different neighbours apartment every evening to get his wine bottles opened! Any excuse for a natter…)

We hate IKEA in the UK, but it stocks the basics & decent wine glasses were a must. Luckily it’s inside a beautiful designer furniture mall so that brightened my mood.

To make matters worse a kind assistant gave Archie his own trolley which he proceeded to ram into people’s legs. Here you don’t just say sorry and that’s the end of it, they then tend to stare hard at you with look that says I think you may have broken my leg and I’m going to sue.

An unfortunate day ended with amazing food en famille at the Italian by the Marina and late cocktails with girlfriends at our Marina cocktail bar overlooking the boats and all was well again…

We arrived at 7am Monday, finger printed photographed & done by midday (thank goodness Archie was in school!)
Note. In HK they keep taking your photo until you give them your widest smile 🙂


After being woken up 6 times in the night I can’t think of a title…


Archie properly dressed for school, pristine school uniform, wasn’t quite in the same state when I went to pick him up…


At least we weren’t the first ones in today!!

Meanwhile Sophie and I had coffee with a friend then went for a pedicure… It’s good here they look after your children whilst you are having it done!

Unfortunately I ran over the pretty painted nails with the buggy and smudged it all 20 minutes later…

Christmas comes early…


After two months of stir crazy kids it’s celebration time… School opens!!

Not only did Archie start in K1 today at the new Harrow International School, so did Sophie (in the crèche)

Archie was up at 6 shouting can I go to my new school now! In the end Ed took him for a walk to his new classroom at 7.30am just to get him out of the house.

He had spied a large wooden fire station the day before whilst exploring the school with daddy and was itching to get playing!

20120906-145514.jpg As you can see he was the first one in, even the eager Chinese Tiger/HK Mums were in later than us!

Sophie had fun in the crèche she slept there most of the morning probably relieved to find a quiet cot without a noisy big brother around…

Mum in the meantime walked the two minute commute back home then just stood for a while not knowing what to do next! There were no toddler demands or little babas to be picked up, the silence was deafening…
Had to get out, so went to the piazza coffee shop and met up with about 20 Harrow Mums in exactly the same situation… Think we all decided that coffee was too lame and champagne was needed to celebrate our freedom!
Anyhow am off now to do my chores, anyone know what 6.5mm mortar drill bit is in Cantonese…