For those of you who don’t know me, I am a forty something Londoner mum of two with a mad passion for travel in SE Asia and considerable ants in my pants! hence the move to Hong Kong.   Luckily my husband is pretty much the same.  The kids (hopefully) will also be little adventurers. Splitting our adventuring between home and work in Hong Kong, London & the Med.

I am about as far removed from an Oriental Tiger Mum (punishing learning schedules for kids) as you can get, you never know though some of it may rub off, watch this space…


When not with the kids I look after the Innovation strategy & digital marketing for International luxury hotel brands, channeling my love for fine hotels (can’t live without those staff rates!) using my twenty years with luxury brands and startups to advise and mentor other young brands keen to help ‘define what’s next for the luxury hospitality industry’ see Kaleidoscope Lab

I am also known by some of my friends as a bit of a bargainista and will be sharing my finds on this blog both in luxury retail and travel.

Enjoy! (ignore any bad grammar, I may be sleep deprived)

Looking for advice, mentorship or just Innovation ideation then get in touch

Love Sal x