A new chapter… back we go to Hong Kong


So we managed 11 months in the UK, the highlights… we got to spend time with family and friends, Sophie discovered proper sausages and Archie got to enjoy forest school but apart from that not much to write home about.
Expensive long commutes to London weekly in the pouring rain for me.  Not seeing the kids week in and week out and the idea of coming home to the Derbyshire countryside which despite being pretty (when the sun was shining) was just a little too quiet for us city types.  Oh well, we gave rural UK living a go.

So history repeats itself and we are now enjoying the time prior to HK re-location, in and around Cyprus with hopefully some Greek Island hopping.  Painting walls, planting fruit trees, enjoying time with the grandparents and friends, helping Archie to build a website, teaching Sophie to swim and eating plenty of kebabs.  Its helping to eradicate the grey of the last few months.

And so I am inspired to blog about our adventures again… I am sure moving onto a boat in HK will inspire many a comical moment well worth blogging about.   Happy holidays X

Where have the neighbours gone?

Where have the neighbours gone?

Bit of sunshine and Sophie is good for the soul...

Bit of sunshine and Sophie is good for the soul…

Lemon picking before bed

Lemon picking before bed

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  1. Yes a new beginning for all of us, lots a fun times ahead in Cyprus and Hong Kong.
    Although we will miss our winthorpe family x

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