A New Year and some tiger training required…


Typical… I go back to work full-time, commuting, have little time for anything  and at the same time the tigerishness of HK rears its head.
Archie’s schooling has suddenly got god-damn serious.   Daily reading homework and weekly word tests, blimey he’s only 4.
His little mates have extra tutoring after school to get them through.  Poor little mites are exhausted.  Ed suggests school bus tutoring could be a money spinner… No down-time allowed!
I sure as hell can’t remember all this in kindergarten…  or am I just old mummy now with a terrible memory?

In the meantime some normality arrived in HK in the form of The Wildings visiting for three and a half weeks of serious HK exploration…

Ocean parkHong Kong TramsPavement picnics

Trams, temples, hangovers, theme parks, hangovers, boats and islands, hangovers (impromptu side of road picnics) probably cause mummies had a hangover… you get the gist!

Upper House Hong Kong

Cultivating a hangover at The Upper House, my goodness those cocktails are worth it. What fun!… I miss my mate

Manju & Aradna over to visit before Christmas, so fab to have them here… serious christmas shopping completed.

Stanley beach

The brilliant school nativity ended the year (one of our little stars below… Archie not so keen on all the attention… grumpy snake stage right)

Little star

Then the Wawn’s decamped for a Christmas in Thailand, just festive enough for the kids…

IMG_2838IMG_2872Just a little luxe for us…

IMG_2771IMG_2688And all too soon it was time to head back to (chilly?!?) HK for New Year

IMG_2656Nothing a NY rooftop night out with friends can’t cure…


Happy & prosperous New Year everyone, hopefully we get to catch up in 2014 xx

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