Back to work, a 12000 mile commute…


air-miles that is (HK/London) and I thought the odd Edinburgh commute from London was a bit of a faff, but this is a whole new ball game.

Mind you though, it’s amazing what lengths we would go to as parents to get a decent night’s sleep away from those little Wawn’s and Archie’s midnight bed hopping.

The office - Claridges Hotel Mayfair

The office – Claridges Hotel Mayfair

New role with Maybourne Group (Claridges, Connaught & Berkeley) means frequent trips back and forth, mind you though the accommodation aint half bad.


£10,000 a night suites, private elevators and butlers.  Not your usual work stay.  But this was a familiarisation visit… quite pleased to be back at work.

Not all glam though, seriously jet-lagged most of the trip and back to back meetings, finally felt normal on the last day (just in time to brave Oxford St. and fill a suitcase with M&S cheese) and it was time to head back again.  Now got to get on and make them some money, ha!

HK business venture with my friend Jane launched last week too. (travelling in SE Asia with littlies in tow) still some bits to tidy up but you get the gist, please take a look at our website and spread the word.

And finally the wonderful Wildings have come to stay, it’s a bit of a squash and a squeeze but we are loving having them here… more on all of that adventure to follow X

Clearwater Bay

Clearwater Bay

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