It’s all pants…


15 years strong

Well here we both are 15 years later… good god can’t believe that this time 15 years ago I showed up for a party at 16 Hornsey Rise and never really left.

Am a bit concerned that I met a sporty bloke with a fun job and seem to have ended up with a grumpy scientist?? ha ha, well I did say for better or for worse…

As usual any excuse for a new dress and a night out.  We thought we should mark the occasion with half a cow in Wooloo and a set of our mates blues band, at The Wanch.

Wooloomooloo Wanchai

Am pleased to say that 15 years on and things are a little less messy in the Wawn household.  A few of you might remember in those early days, Ed jetting off for a stag do and I spent one of my first weekends at the flat in Hornsey Rise giving it a good scrub… my god that flat had seen some parties…

How things have changed since those days, Ed has proclaimed that his life has reached its pinnacle (having our helper) he wakes up to freshly ironed shirts and even his pants are folded and ironed, he’s in shock, don’t think his pants have ever seen such treatment. Certainly wouldn’t be getting any of that from me, as some of you know I am allergic to ironing…

We roll on to the end of our first year in Hong Kong, not sure where the time has gone (one thing about this place you never seem to get time to get bored) it’s been a roller-coaster ride and in some ways I am happy to be putting that first year behind us.

Archie’s godmother Nic & my aunt came to visit us in time for Archie’s 4th Birthday, was so good to catch up, we rabbited so much, we even got told off by a grumpy Brit on the 962 for chatting too loudly & disturbing other passengers… hmmm not sure he’s noticed that most Cantonese is shouted rather than spoken and the locals couldn’t give a fig..

Wooloomoloo Wanchai roof bar

We have found the perfect place to take the kids on a hot and steamy summers day… The Hong Kong Museum of Heritage.  Just brilliant, a mix of Design Museum & V&A for kids, they even let you write on the windows…

IMG_1207 IMG_1209 IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1201

Heritage museum hong kong




Sophie continues her quest to eat anything and everything, last week the boys went for lunch at HK Football Club and I took Sophie for her first Dim Sum… all very grown up suddenly!


She also had her first meze, HK style.   Where our Turkish friends introduced her to baclava, if she is anything like mummy she won’t be able to get enough of it.

Istanbul Express, TST

Istanbul Express, TST

Gotta go, Archie is licking his bike again… X



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