Jungle Wawn’s


In complete contrast to the hectic pace of Hong Kong, the Wawn’s have escaped to Khao Lak, Thailand.
Very sleepy jungle village set along a white sand beach where yesterday the head count was one other person & the cicadas are the noisiest thing around…
Exactly what is needed to recover from the effects of motorway number 9!

After a rather tense first day… Only 4 hours sleep due to a very late arrival and an early alarm call from the over excited kids.

2nd day has been a bit more successful. An early morning elephant trek followed by swimming, lunch led to finally after 3 hrs of trying… Both kids fell asleep for a couple of hours! Brilliant. We both had a massage a siesta and generally weren’t sure what to do with our free time.

If we manage to choreograph a daily siesta with both kids in sync then this really could prove to be the rejuvenating holiday that we needed. Watch this space… Not even sure Thailand can work that level of magic.

Haadson Resort is definitely one for babycationsasia… Little 2 or 4 bedroom villas, football pitch size garden out front, two seconds to the beach, two seconds to the spa or Sala (if you prefer a quick cheapie massage outdoors)
Not pricey with a pool that Archie and Sophie can walk about in…

So you see this has been a business trip! Shame I can’t write it off as one (Jane!!) x
Unfortunately all that lovely siesta’ing has its downside kids were up at 5!

Yes very funny Soph!


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