Christmas with a Chinese twist?


Archie came home from school very excited last week.
He said, we are going to have a Chinese Christmas, instead of Santa there is a dragon (Think he means a lion)
Will probably bring on the nightmares if he thinks a lion will pop up in his bedroom in the middle of the night delivering presents.
He then asked, are we Chinese?
Guess he was weighing up his chances of receiving a gift…

Everywhere is suddenly so colorful there is a buzz of anticipation, bit like xmas in UK.

We have been trying to understand the ins and outs of giving those little red envelopes and how much money you are supposed to fill them with… don’t want to embarrass anyone by giving too little or too much!

The great thing is there is a mountain of chocolate in the supermarkets… Yes that is a Ferrero Rocher mountain, still popular here in China…


I hear that HK Island generally empties next week, the roads are quiet and the restaurants empty… Great news for a week off school and sightseeing to be done with my parents. We should have the place to ourselves!

Pollution has been pretty horrid these past few weeks…

It seems all the factories round the corner from us in China are working flat out before the holidays and covering us with their disgusting smoke…
Got so concerned about the kids I went off to a lovely Pediatrician in Central for check ups…
There were actually two lovely nurses in pink, in with the Dr, whose sole purpose was to keep Sophie happy and smiling so that I could concentrate & speak to her!

The good news it’s been 27 degrees for a few days now, even if we have been chewing the air.
The locals are praying for cold weather otherwise it won’t feel festive, bugger that!

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