Eating sand with chopsticks…


Sunday was spent back at Shek O beach with the Watermans & my family

Eccentric toddlers in tow… Eliza naked but for a pink tutu. Archie who in his excitement to be there managed to widdle all over my towel and beach mat! With all that sand and sea, god knows why he had to have an accident there…

Pad Thai takeaway from the beach shack cafe… Sophie cocked her nose up at the salad and got stuck into the noodles (we only had chopsticks on hand to feed her with!)

She chucked a couple of large handfuls of sand into the noodles, gave it an interesting crunch…
Little red knees from crawling & a nappy full of sand she was having a ball.

Suddenly the beach got busy with kite flyers, the Hong Kong Kite Association on hand to help our kids make kites then teach them how to fly them – brilliant!


Locals in love with the blonde children dragged them around the beach on their boogie boards… Love a bit of free babysitting…

Found a house to rent in the village overlooking the beach… Know where I want to be for my next staycation!

Coffee shop next door!

Sophie stealing her big brothers drink… Not sure she really knows what to do with a straw…


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