New Years and that spinning feeling at The Ritz Hong Kong…


The four Wawn’s and friends celebrated in some serious style this year.  Well you get to a certain age and the thought of tramping the streets and fighting for cabs on NY Eve is exhausting.

After a few NY eve with newborn children in tow enjoying parties with friends in London, we thought we would get tarted up &  see what five star HK had to offer.

With the highest bar in the world on the 118th floor with stunning views of Victoria Harbour at Ozone and food to die for on the 108th floor, the Ritz Carlton, Kowloon was the number one choice.


The spinning feeling of the Wawn men suffering from vertigo was short lived, they were too busy being gobsmacked by the view from our squishy velvet sofa dining area.


Once we had eaten our own bodyweight in scrumptious food, washed down with a vat of champagne we headed up to Ozone to join the 2013 Snow party where we stayed till the wee hours.

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