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Eating sand with chopsticks…


Sunday was spent back at Shek O beach with the Watermans & my family

Eccentric toddlers in tow… Eliza naked but for a pink tutu. Archie who in his excitement to be there managed to widdle all over my towel and beach mat! With all that sand and sea, god knows why he had to have an accident there…

Pad Thai takeaway from the beach shack cafe… Sophie cocked her nose up at the salad and got stuck into the noodles (we only had chopsticks on hand to feed her with!)

She chucked a couple of large handfuls of sand into the noodles, gave it an interesting crunch…
Little red knees from crawling & a nappy full of sand she was having a ball.

Suddenly the beach got busy with kite flyers, the Hong Kong Kite Association on hand to help our kids make kites then teach them how to fly them – brilliant!


Locals in love with the blonde children dragged them around the beach on their boogie boards… Love a bit of free babysitting…

Found a house to rent in the village overlooking the beach… Know where I want to be for my next staycation!

Coffee shop next door!

Sophie stealing her big brothers drink… Not sure she really knows what to do with a straw…


Farewell to the other Wawn’s… swimming just won’t be the same!


Wawn's in Victoria Harbour

Really sorry to see you go, but even Ed thinks a serious detox is now needed

I also probably need a detox from mass marzipan consumption over Christmas… thanks to my Mother in law, in law, for feeding my marzipan addiction…

What a blast, I can’t quite believe how much we packed into two weeks…

Amelie & Archie, looking angelic here, but make no mistake we realised they are both as bonkers as each other, running round in a circle together squealing for 20mins, a favourite past-time of theirs.

Not a favourite past-time of the adults, our small HK flat had a habit of reducing in size whenever they chose to do that.  At least they had plenty of fun together.

Mini Wawn's Victoria Harbour   Sophie & Amelie Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong showed its best side and naked swimming (well kids at least) on Shek O beach on the 29th Dec. was definitely a highlight…

Shek O Beach at Christmas  Shek O Beach

A real find… Shek O, reminiscent of a Thai/Indonesian beach, complete with laid back beach cafes (Thai & Cantonese BBQ) set on the sand in the shade of the trees. Even the beachside shack shops sold everything you could need for an impromptu swim. For only 80HKD (£6) I brought a towel, two pairs swim shorts and a bathing costume for Amelie, complete with ra ra skirt and diamante!

Whenever the weather is hot and we have a few hours to spare, I have a feeling we will be packing up the car and heading over to Southside Hong Kong Island…

Double whammy the discovery of Stanley’s pretty hidden beach right next to the hustle and bustle of the market.

Stanley Beach at Christmas


Sailing on a pirate ship… or so Archie imagined
Boxing Day Eve we took a trip on the Aqualuna the beautiful red sail Junk at 8pm to get the best view of the Victoria Harbour lightshow

Not sure the young romantics snuggled up under their blankets with a glass of wine were too impressed when we came on board with three tired children in tow. Luckily the sway of the boat sent them to sleep!

Getting them off he boat was a different matter, why is it that sleeping children can weigh triple their awake weight?  add that to the serious sway of the boat and and the lack of a gang plank… all the fun of the fair!


Earlier that day a friend had passed on some kids hand me downs, feeling sorry for shivering children I checked what was in the bag… fleeces all round and even a woolly crochet hat (something I never thought we would use in HK) for Sophie, what a star!

Sevva Rooftop Bar   Happy Feet Mongkok   Thai Sai Kung

Sevva Rooftop Bar                                                                     Happy Feet Mongkok (even Archie had a go at having his feet massaged)         Fun on a tuk tuk (in Sai Kung?)

So, after many great nights & days out, exploring HK together we say farewell.

Not much time to feel lonely though as my parents have just flown in 🙂

New Years and that spinning feeling at The Ritz Hong Kong…


The four Wawn’s and friends celebrated in some serious style this year.  Well you get to a certain age and the thought of tramping the streets and fighting for cabs on NY Eve is exhausting.

After a few NY eve with newborn children in tow enjoying parties with friends in London, we thought we would get tarted up &  see what five star HK had to offer.

With the highest bar in the world on the 118th floor with stunning views of Victoria Harbour at Ozone and food to die for on the 108th floor, the Ritz Carlton, Kowloon was the number one choice.


The spinning feeling of the Wawn men suffering from vertigo was short lived, they were too busy being gobsmacked by the view from our squishy velvet sofa dining area.


Once we had eaten our own bodyweight in scrumptious food, washed down with a vat of champagne we headed up to Ozone to join the 2013 Snow party where we stayed till the wee hours.