A tropical depression…


The week we brought the car one of the windscreen wipers fell off, in such lovely weather we stashed it in the car and didn’t think anymore about it.

Last week I thought I had better get a new one. Mum arriving the next day thought the car looked a bit shabby with one windscreen wiper and a stump.

The next day I drove to the airport in a rainstorm… phew! unfortunately it hasn’t stopped raining since and looks like its going to be the same into next week.

Its actually cold, had to dig out jumpers and the air-con has gone on heat a couple of times. I don’t mind but its really messed up mum’s trip. All our fun plans gone to pot.

iphone pics Nov12 2779

Oh well, doing quick trips out then making our own fun at home… apparently this a freak one off, hopefully when they back again in Jan they will see normal Hong Kong weather (the kind where you need to stand in the freezer section of the supermarket to feel cool!)


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