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Twelve whirlwind days of Christmas…


Christmas is upon us… Happy Hong Kong Christmas everyone…
A huge Christmas hug from the Wawn’s, missing you X




We enjoyed a whirlwind run up to the big day, K1 Christmas Party, good friends wedding in Sai Kung (the most fun Chinese/Indian/Western wedding, more on that to follow) paid for it though for three days afterwards, partying till 4 in Lan Kwai Fong… Yuk yuk

K1 & The Crèche performing the Wriggly Nativity, so impressed I watched all four performances…

Archie the cow had learnt 7 new songs, incredible & Sophie the adorable Donkey

Wriggly nativity Wriggly Donkeys





A quick chill out trip to Thailand the week before the family arrive in Hong Kong, The Westin Siray Bay seriously heavenly, we will be back!

Westin Siray Sophie Thailand


The ‘other’ Wawn’s arrive in Hong Kong for a family Christmas

Hong Kong Park

After tons of fun together, riding the Star Ferry across the harbour, the funicular up The Peak, dodgy noodle shops, Hong Kong Park (in the sun) glitzy malls & not so glitzy malls in Tuen Mun.

The stroke of genius was the decision to do Disneyland on Christmas Eve, without the bus loads of Chinese, we had a front row seat for the parade and managed to see the fireworks and lights, truly magical… And then it started snowing, fake Disneyland snow of course

Disney Christmas Eve

And so after all that here we are at Christmas Day

Drinking Bucks Fizz, eating sushi, watching The Snowman and waiting for our PekingDuck lunch to arrive x




Smart and alluring in Lan Kwai Fong…


Is how the crowd that frequent Lily+Bloom are described…

After a day of kids Christmas party, dash to Christmas St. in Kowloon(manic on a Saturday) to buy tree and then two hours erecting tree, I am not sure how alluring and  smart we were feeling when we left home.  Nothing that first drink and the fab company couldn’t put right…

Lily and Bloom LAN Kwai Fong

A beautiful venue.  It seems their usual clientele can attribute their stunning willowy ness to the food served though, most of us had Iberico Ham & Manchego to start, I was so busy yakking, not too bothered, I assumed they had forgotten to put any Manchego on my plate.  Found it at the end 5 little finger sized cubes hidden under a couple of rocket leaves… So bad, I couldn’t stop giggling when I found it…

Lily and bloom

We were having fun and the mains were great, so who cares that the dessert was shameful, just made us giggle all the more.

Lily and bloom

Whenever we eat out with Sonia and Nic we always seem to be seated under a really impressive chandelier. This one had shades of Phantom looked like it might crash down at any second!

Finished the Christmas tree this morning with a thick head… Even the kids get a tree this year courtesy of Christmas St.   imagine they were destined for Europe but probably got nudged off the back of a Chinese lorry, yippee!

Christmas treeKids fibre optic tree

What to do in a tropical depression…


With boating, walking on the peak & general sightseeing plans gone to pot due to rainy Hong Kong, mum and I had to get creative…

A tradition here is the long lazy Sunday Brunch… All you can eat buffet with free flowing champagne. Nothing like your Leicester Square all-you-can-eat for £5. Oh no, this is Hong Kong after all, 5 star all the way.
Oysters, lobsters, prawns, dim sum, foie gras, Sirloin on the bone, racks of lamb, Peking Ducks, french cheeses, tapas, medallions of beef, mini desserts, chocolate fountains and much much more. £30-40 per head for 5hrs of eating. Best enjoyed with a group of friends…

Sophie pretty much tried everything mum brought back from the buffet. She especially enjoyed chewing on a crab leg to sooth her teething gums!

The Gold Coast Hotel Band cheesily cover 70’s and 80’s classics with a bit of Gangnam Style thrown in for the young ones!
They wear the most gravity defying heels which means they can only shimmy to the music (which the men in our group loved!)

Probably the most relaxed way to spend a Sunday, the kids serve and feed themselves (although had to drag Archie back when I found him emptying the mini Haagen Dazs ice cream fridge and trying to carry the contents back to his mate) The music is so loud the kids can be as noisy as they like, they were kept busy dancing and painting their own canvas.

We also took Archie ice skating (he desperate to join the 3year old Ice Hockey team) and came across some spectacular Christmas displays in Elements Mall complete with a Japanese Alice…


Spent my birthday at The Conrad Christmas Fair, with Tapas and Prosecco and Peking Duck for dinner with girlfriends, Ed busy working although he made time to head to Kowloon and find me a lovely present in Shanghai Tang.


And finally a trip to Shenzhen in China for the day… A Mecca for shopping at rock bottom prices.
Mulberry Christmas presents all round.
A lace Prada jacket, Bottega Veneta shoes, Tom Ford sunglasses… Even Ed had a ball buying watches and having shirts made… Friends were amazing introducing us to the best shops. Can’t wait to visit again.


A tropical depression…


The week we brought the car one of the windscreen wipers fell off, in such lovely weather we stashed it in the car and didn’t think anymore about it.

Last week I thought I had better get a new one. Mum arriving the next day thought the car looked a bit shabby with one windscreen wiper and a stump.

The next day I drove to the airport in a rainstorm… phew! unfortunately it hasn’t stopped raining since and looks like its going to be the same into next week.

Its actually cold, had to dig out jumpers and the air-con has gone on heat a couple of times. I don’t mind but its really messed up mum’s trip. All our fun plans gone to pot.

iphone pics Nov12 2779

Oh well, doing quick trips out then making our own fun at home… apparently this a freak one off, hopefully when they back again in Jan they will see normal Hong Kong weather (the kind where you need to stand in the freezer section of the supermarket to feel cool!)