Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat…


Probably not if you are a Chinese Goose…

Has to be the tantrum of the season, Archie having a melt down because I wouldn’t let him have a chickens foot to gnaw on from this stall of assorted bbq chicken bits on our day out at Cheung Chau Island
Sophie not looking very festive chose to do away with her clothes, much to the horror of the locals

Archie brightened up after enjoying a plate of salt and pepper squid, he proudly told the next table he was eating snails, after a couple of years here god knows what he will think is ‘normal’ food, certainly not bangers and mash… the potatoes are dreadful here and sausages are either made of duck or something unrecognisable

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All the beach side cafes and quite a few open air pools are closing down for the season now as its cold… 26 degrees??

Seems odd but the Christmas decorations are going up everywhere now, Archie and I are getting over excited, I even had a massage on Friday to the soothing sounds of frosty the snowman Spa style
Great to have a visit from Turkish friends from Cyprus and have some fun with them…


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  1. The things you eat x
    Must be a market for importing good English sausages like mine x
    Must talk soon. Have a friend who is looking for business opportunity in setting up something either in travel , her background , mainly in product and ops of importing something x defo a web based business x

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