Halloween Hong Kong Style


I have never really been one for celebrating Halloween, don’t really like guts and gore and hate horror films. Have only ever watched one film and it haunted me for weeks. Tubular Bells gives me the creeps and I’ve never even seen the Exorcist.

I did get dragged last year on a Harrow house trip to the West End to see Ghost Stories, where they lock you in to the theatre, turn off the lights then scare you silly! Bloody terrifying, luckily with the lights off no one could see I spent the whole thing practically on the floor hiding under my jacket…

This was different one street of houses in Discovery Bay really goes to town with the decorating and invites the little ones in to trick or treat and the adults in to party later…

We all got dressed up, Sophie the little witch…

Archie & his best mate Jensen as Batman and little devil (A’s mask was off within minutes, as soon as he realised he couldn’t eat sweets through it)
Some really impressive front gardens…


The host of the party we went to later, loving the fact that her name was Meg, no sign of Mog though…

The Ward’s (Jensen’s parents) who kindly let us join in on their celebrations…

Yes boys that is Jensen’s daddy

And finally the legendary DB golf carts pimped for the occasion

A brilliant night, just a shame that after all that sweet stuff Archie’s imagination was running riot and at 2am I ended up in the bottom bunk in Jensen’s room with Archie.
To make matters worse they were both sleeping in those bed tunnels. Made it impossible to sneak out again at 4am!

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