A Hong Kong half-term


After 10 weeks of trying to get ourselves sorted half-term seemed to come around very quickly…
We decided to stay put and not be tempted by a tropical destination a short flight away. As Ed said it would be nice to just chill in our new apartment and explore Hong Kong…

He seemed to forget we now have two kids and when one is sleeping the other one tends to be awake. (The hours between 9pm and 5am are the only times when this is not the case although that’s not always guaranteed!)

So we began our relaxing break, Sophie (extra alert now she discovered crawling) shifting her wake up time to somewhere between 4.50-5.30am with Archie following closely behind with a 6am start.

By 8am in the morning bored with all toys at home they are beating down the door eager to go out.

And so starts our activity whirlwind (I love my kids energy really…)

Lunches with friends whilst kids play (Why, even with friends to play with do the adults still never manage to finish a sentence??)

Sampan Boat Trips in Aberdeen Harbour to get us to lunch on The Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Nothing like a large Dragon to excite a three year old…

Possibly the prettiest pad Thai, not bad for a cheap Thai noodle dish

The Angry Birds’aholics… Lunch in Sai Kung with the Watermans

Exploring the cheap and cheerful and very strange shops in Kennedy Town via tram. Driver gave me a strange look as I boarded the first the first one, turns out you board at the back & pay when you get off… Got it totally the wrong way round. Damn those Gweilo Tourists…

Archie and I had a good giggle as he spotted a load of tigers willies in a jar in one dusty old shop

Did a bit of International food shopping in the beautiful but eye wateringly expensive Citysuper… Even the milk produced up the road from us was ten dollars more expensive… Needless to say we got a bit of antipasti from the Deli and some much loved Bonchi rice snacks and got out sharpish…

Best part was the supermarket car park in full view of Victoria Harbour and its spectacular skyscrapers, a view I don’t ever think I will tire of. Certainly beats Harrow NCP! Although pollution was pretty bad that day…

Weirdly there was a cruise liner in the car park, at least that’s where I thought it was (maybe a floating restaurant?) as we got closer we realised we were parked so high that the massive cruise liner was docked in the harbour alongside us. Very amusing parking car next to people on boat in their bikinis by pool and some having breakfast before disembarking for a day exploring HK

Obligatory Theme Park day out (I love them… told Ed I didn’t want to hear any huffing or puffing if he came with us) Ocean Park with Archie’s friend Jensen, loving the extremely chilled out pandas, so jealous they looked very happy

Turned out to be a fab day out and with Season Passes brought I guess we will be going back…
Got the shock of our lives, heard someone shouting Ed’s name (assumed it was more of his students we had bumped into a few) and there was Jim (Hawkins, Harrow UK headmaster) with Zoe and their little girl
They were very excited to hear our news and we had a good catch up, made me feel a little homesick, very weird to suddenly see faces from your old life in your new life… It’s a very small world…
Old Hong Kong… Chinese version of Alton Towers but with lots more fish and Dolphin Shows

Not going to make it to Hong Kong Disneyland this half term but as its
only 20mins from home I reckon we won’t make it to Christmas Hols before being badgered into it!
Oh, and finally in the hols they opened the long awaited park in school grounds… Archie calls it ‘my park’ kids living onsite unfortunately going to have to share it once term time back on…


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