In the pink for Princess Eliza


The dress code was very specific ‘for my fourth birthday I want everyone to wear pink’ we were told by Eliza in a tone that suggested, if you’re not wearing pink you’re not getting in…

For Archie’s little friend (The Waterman family moved to Harrow HK at the same time we did) we enjoyed such a lovely, relaxed (not normally a word associated with toddler birthdays) party. Balloon games on the pitch to start (no kids around as it’s half term, got the place to ourselves!)

We had a realisation seeing them enjoying the birthday tea together that we have only got to half-term and these littlies are already firm friends

Hand-made paper flower garlands & shimmering pink butterfly cakes, upside down pin the spots on the ladybird and plenty of party games meant a birthday party that even the adults enjoyed.
Hopefully Princess Eliza loved every minute…

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