Even the dogs are wealthy…


Another brilliant example of Hong Kong extravagance… On a trip to the Science Museum yesterday with 20 Harrow kids in tow we pulled up to the traffic lights and a plush chauffeur driven car with cream leather seats pulled up alongside us and it’s sole passenger, a very well groomed dog!

The museum had sufficient dinosaurs and diggy things to keep a toddler happy… Mummy was rubbish at driving a crane, hadn’t quite realised how skilled it is, worked up quite a sweat pulling and pushing at levers, no matter A was impressed by my efforts…

Rose Bellini’s with friends at Sevva last night, another of HK stunning roof top bars, surely one of the most impressive and beautiful restaurants in town


Dinner at the uber cool Blue Butcher in Hollywood Rd think ‘artisanal meat market’ Wagyu Steak, Spanish Ham & Eggs and by chance a private dining room with fab if a bit scary chandeliers…

We all drank just enough to ensure full participation in an 80’s themed karaoke cab ride back to the Gold Coast… But why oh why did the kids feel the need to wake at 5.30 this morning…….

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