4 day weekend, Mid-Autumn Festival


We are just ending a long weekend of festivities here, lantern lighting & mooncake eating seems to be the most popular thing to do so we thought we would get stuck in too.
The kids have lanterns in their bedrooms (Sophie a lotus flower, Archie a fish) and some old Harrovians came to visit bringing us a box of ‘the best mooncake in town’

Archie came home from school on Fri excited about a weekend where all you seem to do is eat cake, so I let him unwrap one of the beautifully packaged mooncakes and give it a go…

How yummy they look… Unfortunately we thought they tasted terrible!
They are made from heavy dough (ducks on pond better beware!) filled with some sort of lotus bean paste which is grey and surprise surprise they had stuck a couple of hard boiled egg yolks in for good measure??

As you can see the smile has quickly been wiped off Archie’s face.
Luckily for him I had also found some sushi shaped festival candy which I thought was fab, he wasn’t too impressed by that either.

His palate was tested again yesterday when we drove over to Sai Kung to the East of Kowloon (beautiful area full of sailing, islands and fish restaurants)

Where we tried to get him to pick his lunch out of a tank of live fish, crustaceans and very phallic razor clams.
He kept asking daddy why the prawns weren’t screaming when he was pulling their heads and tails off to eat them, oh dear…
In the end I had to give him a Crunchy bar that had been in my handbag for months, anyone would have thought I had presented him with a Macdonalds, he was so delighted to be eating something familiar.
Unfortunately most of our other plans for the weekend were scrapped cause Sophie’s first tooth is breaking through and she’s in agony. She’s still trying to smile through it though.


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  1. Sally we have come into a pub near Lincoln to FaceTime you as you asked the pub isn’t open but are letting us use wifi so come on where are you x

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  2. I love getting these posts from you and to hear all your news. Take care and enjoy the experiences…. however weird and wonderful!! x

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