Given up trying to read the labels…


Getting all creative, it’s amazing what I can get Archie to eat here so figured we might as well just go for it & give anything and everything a go…

Dinner tonight, Lemongrass stuffed Chinese snapper, wrapped in Thai Banh Trang rice paper stuffed with carrot, pea tops, cucumber with Nuoc Mam Pha San, Fish sauce with chilli garlic & vinegar… Bloody brilliant

Everyone at the school is shedding weight like mad…
Everyone’s talking about it, the heat, stress (for the teachers with their mammoth timetables) and really healthy food that costs nothing to eat in or out is having a dramatic effect on us all!

Fish looks good, think it may be red snapper? Not totally sure! If anyone can confirm… X

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  1. Sounds like fun. I will be in Vietnam in November and wish I could come and see you all!! Love to all and yes I can confirm we know that as Red Snapper!!

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