Shades of Yew Walk…


Not only have we pretty much brought the same car we had in England…

helps that I don’t have to worry about driving a new car! just have to worry about navigating and pray I don’t ever end up in China…
(btw, I seriously had to talk Ed out of getting an ex Hong Kong red & white taxi… Most men have a mid life crisis and buy a Porsche? He thought it would be a laugh…)

I have also found the Lombok (furniture) equivalent over here and have been sneakily ordering… Strangely it’s the same designs/fonts on website, invoices & delivery van except its owned here by two expats and it’s called Tree?!? They have totally ripped off the British brand (or maybe the other way round?)
I don’t mind, I get to buy the teak Indonesian furniture I love!
We now have a great sofa bed (in Ed’s unused study) to accommodate you lot when you come to visit…

Their van, for those of you who know Lombok, could almost be the same company

Archie eating dim sum and fishfingers for his tea using kids chopsticks… Apart from the fishfingers at times it really feels like a world away from Yew Walk… Archie made us laugh when we were driving the new car back from the Peak to the New Territories, as Ed was getting a bit panicked in Central (our Oxford St.) Archie shouted Chek Oi Daddy! Straight on in Cantonese…


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