Custard powder sweet & sour…


The secret is out, I had been wondering what my recipes are missing to make them taste authentically Chinese. Seems Birds custard powder is the answer!

Of all the amazing things to eat here (and there are hundreds of wonderful Asian restaurants for us to try) I seem to be addicted to Sweet & Sour Grouper.
I’ve joined a Food Club and found that a top chef marinades his sweet & sour meat in bright yellow, E number ridden custard powder…

I suppose that’s nothing compared to some of the weird and wonderful things they do to their food here. On Monday I ate custard tarts with bird spit and pineapple Mooncakes with red bean paste & abalone (sea snail) inside. All quite yummy if you don’t actually think or know what you are eating!

Tomorrow I am off to Luk Yu Teahouse for Yum Cha! (literal meaning to drink tea) eat dim sum off a trolley. Will try the weird and unusual and report back!

Archie at his first Hong Kong Birthday Party, think he is relieved that birthday parties exist in HK too!

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