Brought a car with maid included…


No kidding… We just brought an Audi from an expat living on The Peak who was also looking for a good home for his long-term maid/nanny.
She has been with them for years, she is perfect for us.

Not bad for a mornings work!

His wife also invited me for lunch on Friday, she writes books for kids and is interested in the Asian business venture I am working on (will tell you more later…)

Had lunch in Thai in HK Park on way home, lots of terrapins & jumbo carp in the lake kept Archie happy.

Noisy baby!
On the bus home now, Sophie has found her voice! Locals all snoozing and she shouting at them, very loudly highly embarrassing, such a loud voice for such a little girl! She’s turning into a bit of a rock star baby, gets so much attention/admiration I think it’s going to her head!

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