It’s hard to miss the UK


The place not the people! If I could move all our favourite people out here with us that would be perfect.

Archie has discovered some new loves, firstly the ‘tramps’ as he calls them (trams) he is constantly on the lookout for them from taxis, top deck of the bus, if only mummy could figure out where you get in and off them then maybe we could go on one!
Making mistakes on public transport is not so much fun with Sophie in tow in her buggy!!

The Hong Kong Island Tramps

He has also spotted many shrines and every time shouts look its someone’s birthday and they have candles…

But my favourite is his love for the hot… Can’t get him to eat inside he likes to go out into the hot…

I have also discovered my own loves… HK Harvey Nics, yipee!!

& downtown (mix of NY & London)


Got our driving licences yesterday, off to buy a car…!!


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