You can’t do much in HK without ID cards


There are tasks in life that are tedious & frustrating and we somehow managed to do two of the worst on the same day…

HK ID Cards & IKEA

Both involve lengthy confusing queues, signage that doesn’t make sense, bright lights and deafening noise levels, the possibility of a good scrap and general boredom.

We arrived at the immigration offices at 7.45 (an hour before it opened) and queued in a dingy hallway with possibly 200 people, Archie was complaining of boredom 5 minutes in, it was going to be a long wait. As 9am approached an official looking man came out and said, too many people, no way today, come back another day…

Now, I am desperate for a car and you can’t buy a car or get a HK licence without an ID card. My mood blackened, thought I might cry… So to cheer me up Ed suggested a nice breakfast. We were too early & the only place open served Chinese porridge made with egg white, even Archie said its not like mummy’s!?!

As the day didn’t seem to be improving we thought we might aswell do the chores and get our apartment kitted out with basics (Ed has been going up to a different neighbours apartment every evening to get his wine bottles opened! Any excuse for a natter…)

We hate IKEA in the UK, but it stocks the basics & decent wine glasses were a must. Luckily it’s inside a beautiful designer furniture mall so that brightened my mood.

To make matters worse a kind assistant gave Archie his own trolley which he proceeded to ram into people’s legs. Here you don’t just say sorry and that’s the end of it, they then tend to stare hard at you with look that says I think you may have broken my leg and I’m going to sue.

An unfortunate day ended with amazing food en famille at the Italian by the Marina and late cocktails with girlfriends at our Marina cocktail bar overlooking the boats and all was well again…

We arrived at 7am Monday, finger printed photographed & done by midday (thank goodness Archie was in school!)
Note. In HK they keep taking your photo until you give them your widest smile 🙂


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