Christmas comes early…


After two months of stir crazy kids it’s celebration time… School opens!!

Not only did Archie start in K1 today at the new Harrow International School, so did Sophie (in the crèche)

Archie was up at 6 shouting can I go to my new school now! In the end Ed took him for a walk to his new classroom at 7.30am just to get him out of the house.

He had spied a large wooden fire station the day before whilst exploring the school with daddy and was itching to get playing!

20120906-145514.jpg As you can see he was the first one in, even the eager Chinese Tiger/HK Mums were in later than us!

Sophie had fun in the crèche she slept there most of the morning probably relieved to find a quiet cot without a noisy big brother around…

Mum in the meantime walked the two minute commute back home then just stood for a while not knowing what to do next! There were no toddler demands or little babas to be picked up, the silence was deafening…
Had to get out, so went to the piazza coffee shop and met up with about 20 Harrow Mums in exactly the same situation… Think we all decided that coffee was too lame and champagne was needed to celebrate our freedom!
Anyhow am off now to do my chores, anyone know what 6.5mm mortar drill bit is in Cantonese…

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