Let loose in Temple St. Night Market


After an exhausting week trying to keep toddlers amused in a humid, slightly bonkers new country… some of us left our husbands/boyfriends babysitting, working or simply drinking G&T’s with other husbands (those sensible enough to have left their kids in the UK) and headed into the neon lit, tourist frenzy that is Temple St.
Just brilliant, a hot night with all the buzz of the market. We got stuck in ordering large bottle beers and giggled at the menu featuring delights such as chickens feet, goose intestine…

Mains that wouldn’t look out of place on I’m a Celeb… We chose some of the more normal things on offer and had a good giggle about our first week as Hong Kongers.

We then had a good haggle in the market, sheltering from a quick downpour (they seem to last just a few minutes, drench everything then aren’t seen again for a day or two and always come at night, I like rain like that!)
Then myself, Anna & Laura found a dodgy bar and stayed there till after midnight…

Bit of a mistake as everything closed & we struggled to find firstly a loo… Stumbled across a “nightclub” the lady at the top of the stairs was horrified when she saw us approaching. And secondly a cab (presume all the cab drivers are on HK Island fleecing the drunken tourists there)
Unfortunately the driver we found nearly fell asleep at the wheel on the Expressway and we had to keep him from swerving, sleeping or even worse just stopping and letting us out on the Expressway by chatting to him to keep him awake. Bit hairy! But in my experience of SE Asia not abnormal…
Think we will head for the bright lights of HK Island next time where the cabbies are more reliable or even try to make the last tube…

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  1. Sal !!! We miss you! Just got back to Harrow from France on Friday night then did the Hoe-down on the pitches yesterday which was excellent, loads of kids and fun activites. Then today has been start of term drinks…Anna and I were both saying how much we were going to miss you! Thanks for all the things you left in our garden (most exciting is the doodle draws of art stuff!). I enjoyed reading your blog, it sounds like you are making the most of things there! Certainly sound busy! Alfie driving me insane with his constant chatter! Isla growing sooo fast and I am off to work on thursday! Cant believe how much SMA cost! You should find out how much it would be to ship directly from UK! As for philipino nany/cleaner….totally unfair!! Dont forget to keep an eye out for a white top like yours from the market and send it to me! Big hugs to everyone…..Lots of love Fi, Richard, Alfie and Isla xxxxx

    • Hi Fi
      Haven’t been to Stanley Market yet but when I do I will def get you a couple of those tops! Do you have FaceTime on your iPad? Be fab to chat and its so clear and easy!! be fab to see Alfie and Isla.
      Mum is coming out in Nov, maybe you could send some Isla cast offs to her & I will send you market clothes from here as a swop!!! Xxxx

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