The Wawns have made it…


Finally, we made it to Hong Kong in one piece, with all 6 pieces of hand luggage and 1o pieces of hold luggage intact.  Archie had his new friends Alex & Sophie to play with at the airport and on the plane, which was a bonus both for him and us!

We were delayed getting into our apartment so spent the first couple of nights in a hotel overlooking the Happy Valley Racecourse (Archie chuffed as he said it reminded him of Harrow running track?!?) on HK Island feeling like tourists.  Unfortunately HK Times Square has a big red London bus in the centre (to celebrate London hosting the Olympics) and we spent a considerably long time climbing all over it with Archie when all we really wanted to was get tucked in to some Chinese food and wash away the jet lag with alcohol.

We arrived at the Harrow International School site on Monday and were blown away by the beauty of the new school building.  As you drive into the Gold Coast it dominates up on the mountain side looking like a enormous white palace.(Unfortunately no photos as yet)

When I arrived at the apartment Ed was already unpacking boxes with a couple of Crown removals men.  Archie running round thinking its Christmas all his favourite stuff being unwrapped.
The apartment is lovely and so much bigger than expected.  Which means that for only£300 (!) a month we can have a live-in Fillipino nanny/cook/cleaner, Hurray, they even do nightime feeds!

The Gold Coast is half an hour from Central Hong Kong and is just great, it has a Yacht Marina with restaurants and cafes, bookshop, specialist supermarket (prices a bit like Waitrose, nice as a one off) numerous kids play parks, The Gold Coast 5 star hotel with all its facilities and great pool and the beach.

We are busy getting mobile phones, thinking about getting a car, hanging pictures & talking to some very well groomed expat mums about the best places to get baby stuff (especially Ellas Kitchen pouches as Sophie is being weaned) so yesterday we went into Central HK and Pedder St. which is basically their Bond St.  and took a trip to Bumps and Babes – where a tin of SMA costs a whopping £18!!! but you can get rice cakes. Thank goodness.

I found the HK equivalent of Lombok Furniture store in HK SoHo and spied a lovely sofa bed, so that we can accommodate you all in the future…

Kids all asleep so I must be mad not to be having a siesta myself, Ed gone for a Chinese massage down the road x

p.s. I have added some photos of our amazing one night in London before the plane in a suite that my friend kindly arranged for us, overlooking Big Ben & The London Eye.  We met our friends for lunch the next day, looking back at the photos gave me a small twinge of homesickness.

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