England finally shows its good side…


In a last ditch attempt to keep us… England really pulled out all the stops.

30 degrees in London meant eating al fresco with friends, lazy afternoons laying around in London parks and feeling quite patriotic watching the Olympic torch and the amazing showcase of the best of the UK that was the Danny Boyle opening ceremony.

Heavenly, our last week was one to remember.  Even though we were completely exhausted packing up and clearing out the house night and day.   Friends are going to get a shock when they return from their holidays to find all sorts of unwanted stuff of ours that we couldn’t bear to throw away in their back gardens!

It looked like we got out in time though, as we sat in Heathrow on the Sunday, the rain and hail was hitting the windows.  Our sadness for those stuck with the god awful weather again was short lived.  Ed had booked Business Class by mistake and we were whizzed through check-in, security and given our own stewardess as we boarded the plane.  God help us in cattle class again next time!

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  1. Best of luck to you all … really looking forward to seeing you all in your new home as soon as we can make it! Love Mark, Xan, Lyds and Fi xxxx

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