Area 48, could that be a typo?


We recently received our new address details and were amused to find that we are moving to Area 48! visions of little green men started appearing and thoughts of the barren desert of Area 51 came to mind.  So if you fancy a visit and have a interest in aliens then we might be the perfect holiday destination for you!

No seriously, this is our new address and I have tried to get these new home cards out to all.  Please DO come and visit or at least send us a Christmas card so that we know we haven’t totally been forgotten.

Less than 30 days to go before that HK flight… we are desperate to leave now, the house is empty and actually quite depressing, plus all this saying goodbye is horrid!

On the plus side its 43 degrees right now in Cyprus, so we need to stay here in the cool and rain (had a splendid day at Legoland yesterday in the pouring rain… grr…) for a few more days and hope the heatwave passes before we head off to our Cyprus house.  Archie now fed up with playing shops with our charity shop stuff and is driving me to distraction asking why we dont have a DVD player to watch Cars on. He is desperate to be reunited with his Cyprus toys.   Poor Sophie will be housebound when she gets there.

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  1. Hi there.
    All the very best for your great adventure…envious….
    Stay in touch.
    Enjoy the relaxation in Cyprus xxx

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