The Wawns and Wildings are leaving, a farewell do!


Not just us, but our good friends Jen & Karl and and their son (my godson) are also moving from Harrow this summer to Uppingham School.

A farewell party was needed to mark our time at Harrow School. 

We needed some great food, a garden/house considerably larger than ours and lots of lovely friends and family to share it with.

Friends invited, location set, all we needed was for Ed to get to Smithfields at 4am pick up a pig and a lamb.  Then for our South African BBQ officianado neighbour and good friend Gerrie to agree to marinade and spit roast the damn things for us!

Not a small undertaking for an Englishman, but for Gerrie just a small braai.

As one impressed female guest commented ‘that bloke doing the BBQ is what you would call a real man’

When it rained, we came in and watched the tennis.   The kids ran around for hours on end and resembled street urchins.  We devoured 44lb worth of spit roast, 80 sausages and goodness knows how many burgers.   We found the Halloumi for the veggies in the fridge the next day!?

My grandmother in her 80’s seemed to be having a jolly time looking after Sophie and making her way through ‘her’ bottle of wine…

It was a brilliant day.  A bit teary.  A bit chaotic (behind the scenes!) but VERY memorable and (we think) fun was had by all.

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