Mooning her Maj…


With our leaving date fast approaching, I have suddenly come over all melancholic and felt the need to take Sophie on a London day out.

The one off exhibition taking place at the palace of the Queen’s favourite diamonds was something I fancied a look at and felt an urge to have a nose round the palace state rooms.  Moving can do strange things to a person.

So with Sophie strapped to me (no buggies allowed in the palace) we headed off for a lovely girly day, just the two of us.

S promptly fell asleep and was asleep for the next 2 hours.  I was chuffed to see the changing of the guard from inside the palace. 
She snored her way through the sparkly diamond collection but awoke for a roll around on the Queen’s lawn in the sun at the end of the tour. 

She wanted her nappy off and spent a good twenty minutes mooning the monarchy, blowing raspberries and behaving thoroughly in bad taste.  She knows how to act in the presence of royalty – good girl!

We then went for a mooch around Piccadilly to some of my old work haunts.  I walked her through Green Park to Laduree in Burlington Arcade for coffee & lovely yummy multi-coloured Macaron then on to Paxton & Whitfield Cheesemongers (royally appointed no less) in Jermyn St. to stock up on strange French cheeses I know we will miss desperately when in HK.

After the serenity of the day I arrived home to the usual toddler chaos.  Archie had put Ed through the wringer and Ed was doing an impressive stressed Eric impression. 
Gave Archie his present of 3 novelty soldier/beefeater/policemen lip balms from the palace shop (he’s a bit partial to a flavoured lip balm) he ran around the house screeching with excitement “mummy got me lipsticks from the palace” and proceeded to eat them (generously sharing with his friend Cassie from next door)

Such a memorable day, very girly (no football, cars or toddler tantrums) might have to fit in another London day out somewhere in the region of Marylebone High St. before we leave, watch this space… 

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