Our stuff goes sailing…


After a long wait the day of the ‘big’ pack finally arrived, a couple of relocation guys turned up armed with many types of boxes and reels of sticky tape.  They took a look around and said no worries we will be out of your hair by lunchtime tomorrow… famous last words.

They finally left us at 8.30pm on the Friday evening, after a frantic last hour trying to console a container driver who was itching to get home for a friday night pint without all our stuff!  The initial hold up… the container smelt of fish and had to be replaced at the last minute!
We were putting the kids to bed whilst frantically running round the house grabbing the things that had missed being packed. One of the packers put his back out and the other one looked like he was about to cry at any moment from exhaustion.  They did a sterling job though, watching burly men daintily folding my laundry was a first.

So we take one step closer to our Hong Kong adventure, roll on the next 5 weeks as we feel like we are squatting, feels like we just starting out but weirdly with two kids asleep upstairs…

Lets hope the container has a safe journey avoiding pirates in the Indian Ocean… would be gutted if they get hold of my Jimmy Choo’s 

Love this pic of Sophie &  her grandad sneaking a siesta in the top room,  keeping out of the packers way

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