Only 60 days to go…


Blimey, after all the dreaming & planning family Wawn are finally going to make it to Hong Kong…

Archie been asking if we can get a bus to go there, think it’s time to show him a map of the world

The pre-preparation list looked something like this:


1. Wait for Harrow to build an International School in HK.  Ed get a job – check

2. Sophie successfully brought into the world & master the art of holding her own bottle – check

3. Create lists and a list of lists, get paranoid about losing those lists – check

4. Ditch, pack or giveaway – everything must go, somewhere – check

5. Find relocation company & make sure flat is finished to move into – check

6. Try to explain to Archie (tactfully) why his best friend  George will not be in Hong Kong – check

7. Create a blog so that I can entertain you with musings about the above – check

8. Have a fab leaving party and get a bit drunk now all the above is done!

9. Get us all successfully onto that British Airways plane on the evening of the 17th August

10. Get us all successfully off that British Airways plane in Hong Kong on 18th August at 13.15

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